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Telecom Compliance

Testing & Certification


Testing and certification services for radio type products, covering all communication standards, regulatory compliance includes navigating FCC, CE and all the global regulations

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Global Type Approval

Obtaining regulatory approval and certification for radio devices to be legally used and sell all round the world

Network Access

Testing and Certification services for major Cellular Network providers like AT&T, Verizon, Telefonica, Telenor, Vodafone…

Antenna Measurement

​Elevate your antenna development with our specialized antenna measurement services


​Comprehensive testing to guarantee Electromagnetic Compatibility and RF compliance


​Product safety testing to verify goods meet established safety regulations and are free from potential hazards


​Ensures the safety, performance, and reliability of batteries, meeting industry standards and regulations

Chemical and Environmental

​Evaluates products for compliance with chemical substance and environmental regulations


​Parts testing services ensure the safety, performance, and regulatory compliance, meeting industry standards.

Energy Efficiency

​Assess products to meet industry standards and regulation for sustainability and environmental impact


​Evaluate products to ensure quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards, safeguarding consumer health and safety


​Examine the products to ensure safety, quality, and compliance with industry standards, prioritizing the well-being and enjoyment of children.


​Focus on ensuring the accuracy, and compliance of healthcare products, meeting stringent industry standards to uphold patient well-being.

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