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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka announced New Type of Approval Procedure

Sri Lanka TRCSL issued “Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) Type Approval Rules 2020” effective December 16'th 2020.

Based on the new update, the main changes are:

  • It requires one product sample. TRC can request up to two samples

  • Importation fee is added

  • Lead-time is 30 business days after all the samples and documents were received by the government office

  • Test Reports older than 3 months requires a declaration of validity from the test lab

  • The Certificate renewal is extended to 4 years (It was 3 years in the past)

  • Existing type approvals are only valid for 6 more months, and it has to be renewed up to the new standard

  • Labeling is mandatory, and it must be purchased directly from TRCSL

To learn if your existing or future products are affected, Contact GMA Labs for a free assessment.


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