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Antenna Measurement

Testing and Certification

IoT product antenna design and testing services assist manufacturers in optimizing antenna performance for their IoT devices. We offer expertise in designing effective antennas tailored to specific product needs and conduct meticulous measurements and testing to ensure optimal connectivity and reliability. Trust us to enhance your IoT products with superior antenna design and thorough testing, ensuring seamless communication in diverse environments. The following measurements can be done:

  • Antenna Gain

  • Input Impedance


  • Radiation Pattern

  • EIRP(Effective Isotropic Radiated Power)

  • Total Output Power

Our Over-The-Air (OTA) chambers fully aligns with CTIA's OTA testing standards, employing the SG24 multi-probe testing solution—a highly advanced method known for its speed, accuracy, and repeatability. This system stands out as one of the few that fully complies with CTIA's criteria.

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