Supports Up To Eight (8) Connections For More Advanced Applications

Introducing Panasonic’s NEW PAN1740A Series RF Module!  The NEW PAN1740A Series RF Module is Panasonic’s next-generation, optimized version of the existing PAN1740 Series Module, offering a reduced boot time and supporting up to eight (8) connections to allow greater flexibility to create more advanced applications.

The NEW PAN1740A Series has a fully integrated radio transceiver and baseband processor for Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy.  It can be used as a standalone application processor or as a data pump in hosted systems. The NEW PAN1740A is optimized for remote control units (RCU) requiring support for voice commands and motion/gesture recognition. Its integrated Audio Unit (AU) offers easy interface for MEMS microphones over PDM, external codecs over wPCM/I2S and a Sample Rate Converter unit. 


The PAN1740A Evaluation Kit is provided in easy-to-use USB dongle form which is intended to enable users to quickly integrate Panasonic’s PAN1740A Series RF Module into their device.

Panasonic PAN1740A

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