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Thailand NBTC no longer type approve some LTE/5G products

Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), according to the previous updates, published suspension of Type Approval applications for products supporting partial bands of LTE/5G NR Band 28 and 41.

NBTC had some feedbacks that some equipment supporting partial bands of LTE/5G NR band 28 and 41 caused interference in Thailand networks in early 2020.

The recent regulations' impacted frequencies are LTE/5G NR band 28 with partial frequencies of 718-748MHz and 773-803MHz, and LTE/5G NR band 41 with partial frequencies of 2535-2655MHz.

The existing certificates will remain valid; however, NBTC may mandate manufacturers to affix the warning messages in their labeling.

Contact GMA Labs for further information.

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