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Sri Lanka TRCSL announced a quarantine of some divisions

Currently, COVID-19 is spreading in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, where all government agencies are located. This includes TRCSL, customs, import and export controller, Clearing agencies for shipping carriers, and other agencies.

Sample importation and handing over to TRCSL are affected, and getting shipment clearance takes longer. TRCSL does not accept samples until further notice, according to the Deputy Director of TRC.

Temporary measure:

1. All matters will be digitally handled with TRCSL.

2. TRCSL agreed to issue temporary Type Approvals until the situation gets better.

3. The temporary approval can be converted to Permanent TA once TRCSL opens for regular business.

Considering the above situation, If required to import any goods, GMA Labs can apply for Temporary Type Approvals for TRC Sri Lanka.

Contact GMA Labs for further information.

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