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Digicel Launches Jamaica’s first LTE Network

Jamaica’s largest and fastest network, Digicel, picked up significantly more speed with the switching on of its LTE network today – becoming the first mobile provider to introduce innovation that delivers record-breaking performance.

Packing speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, Digicel LTE is now available in Kingston, St. Andrew and parts of St. James as the company begins a nationwide buildout of its Network for the Future across the country.

“This is the news Jamaica has been waiting for. We’re focused on always delivering the most advanced mobile network technology that fits our customers’ lifestyle and budget. The activation of our LTE network is a major step in this direction,” declared CEO of Digicel Jamaica, David Butler.

LTE is the very latest in mobile technology, capable of delivering more mobile data at the fastest speeds to connect the growing range of Internet-enabled devices while running faster than some fixed broadband connections. This means everyone can do more with quicker downloads and uploads when navigating sophisticated mobile apps and enjoy no buffering while watching videos in High Definition and glitch-free live streaming of their favorite event – all while on the go.

The activation of LTE is another first-to-market for Digicel and is also a major plank of its Network for the Future commitment – an advanced multi-faceted technology investment designed to equip Jamaica with the most modern communications and entertainment infrastructure while improving the country’s rate of internet penetration.

To this, Butler commented, “It’s a significant milestone for Jamaica. We’ve invested in innovation that can empower consumers and businesses to reach a new potential as they explore, discover and unleash fresh possibilities online with LTE.”

Digicel is investing US$50 million (J$6 billion) to deploy LTE across Jamaica. This, in addition to the company’s overall investment of US$1 billion since 2001, sends the clearest signal that Digicel is committed to providing technology and innovation that supports Jamaica’s growth agenda; responds to the technology needs of businesses; and caters to the growing consumer demand for faster, more reliable internet connectivity.

With faster speeds come a fresh array of value-packed LTE SMART Plans for prepaid and postpaid customers. The company is set to launch its aptly named Live The Experience tour starting Friday (June 10) in the Corporate Area, giving customers live LTE speed demos and exciting offers. On top of this, Digicel is offering a wide range of affordable LTE-enabled smartphones - backed by award-winning 24x7 local customer care.

With over 2 million customers of which 1.3 million - and counting – are smartphone users, Digicel continues to see demand for fast mobile broadband Internet service skyrocket in Jamaica.

The Digicel LTE network is operating on the 700 MHz band - globally recognized as the best spectrum for deploying the technology because of its superior in-building coverage and wider signal reach when compared with similar frequencies.

Customers will be kept abreast of the rollout as soon as LTE airwaves are switched on in their parish.

Source: Digicel Jamaica

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