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China CNCA clarifying requirements for 5G mobile terminals

CNCA of China has published a notice confirming the changes of the EMC standard for 5G mobile terminals. With immediate effect, In country test labs will be required to implement CCC certification for such devices in accordance with the newly added requirements.

5G mobile user terminals having obtained CCC certification previously under the requirements of 4G must be updated and re-tested. Applicants must submit a supplementary test application based on YD/T2583.18 to the Designated Certification Body and update the existing CCC certificate.

Existing certificates must be updated before June 30, 2021. After this date, certificates not been updated shall be canceled by the Designated Test Laboratories.

A copy of the document can be downloaded here.

CNCA Announcement No. 20 of 2020
Download PDF • 76KB

Contact GMA Labs for further information.

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