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Argentina ENACOM published resolución 854/2020

The Argentinian Telecom authority “ENACOM” published resolución 854/2020 about the new label format RAMATEL on August 12, 2020. The mandatory active date for the new labeling is August 12th in 2022.

Manufacturers applying for ENACOM certificate before the active date can provide either CNC or RAMATEL label draft (RAMATEL is recommended)

Products up for renewal does not have to be re-labeled; the currently implemented CNC label is acceptable until August 12, 2020

Renewal applications are accepted 30 days before the expiry date. Applications after the expiration date are not acceptable.

A copy of Resolución 854/2020 can be downloaded here.

Resolution CNC 82-15 EN
Download PDF • 528KB

Contact GMA Labs for further information.

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